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Where I blog my stuff and favorite other awesome posts. I'm an art lover. &appreciate jazz and instrumental music.

"They say let's live now, and die another day."

-cheyna (whistlei)

"Does dreaming scare you? Do you ever wonder about the meanings behind it? Do you want to try it?"

01. It was not too long ago that…
I remember shivering so hard that my body collapse onto the frozen ground. My fingers were blue with shades of purple. I was not getting enough blood circulation. The dark shadows surrounding me had look like tall trees, but as I continue to look, the shadows’ shape took form of little bats. The flapping wings behind their small heads burst cold air towards me. Coming along with this freezing air was the stench of rotting bodies. It was coming from a rusty wagon that was passing by slowly. Dangling by the corner of the wagon was a small foot. I gasp in fear, shaken by the blood I saw slowly dripping down the wheels of the wagon. The rhythm of the wheels creaking sounded like the small shrieks of children. Along with the disturbing sound was the sound of human feet walking towards me. Chills ran down my spine. The rhythm was in sync with my beating heart. Beating one, stomping another, beating one, stomping another. A pair of worn out boots approaches me. A fresh of hot air blew into my face. That was probably the best scene in this dream. I was aching to leave, aching to–

I couldn’t feel anything.

A sharp pain ripped down my chest,

I couldn’t see anything.

Darkness engulfs my purple, bleeding hands.

I couldn’t breathe.

…right through my lungs.

I couldn’t …

couldn’t …


I woke up, only to find a large ice pack on top of my chest. It was stinging me.
If only, this fever can leave now. I’m hungry. I want to write again.

I scribbled: “Until my next dream.”

written by: whistlei (cheyna)